21st Birthday Ideas for the most creative Birthday Gift!

I wrote a post earlier about making a cake completely out of lollies that can be both the main Birthday cake or given as a gift. Well for a 21st Birthday last year, I decided to make something instead of buy something for my friend’s 21st. Now I believe I’m relatively creative and I strive to make my gifts ones that would be remembered for a life time so for this party, myself and a male friend (and being male is important as you later see) raided a dozen hardware stores and managed to get ourselves half a dozen free big boxes before going to the $2 Store and buying packets and packets of cheap wrapped lollies. Then we bought a few large boxes of Ferrero Rochers and dug up a big bottle of glue from my mate’s garage. All up this cost us about $20 each. Not to bad for a 21st Birthday present.

We set out a space in my mum’s art studio and began with the cardboard. We made three cylinders, progressively getting bigger in size. The largest just over a metre in diameter and the smallest about 1/2 a metre wide. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, making square boxes round but we reinforced the curved surfaces with a mixture of duct tape and ice cream sticks (unused). The trick is to flatten the cardboard out first and then roll it into a tight tube before laying it flat again. It should naturally want to curve.

We then stacked the three cylinders on top of each other and then cut out the centres of the cylinders so their was a large gap in the cake’s middle to allow one certain individual to fit inside.(More on that later!). Unfortunately all photos I have of this magnificent master piece were on my phone which accidentally went swimming with me so I drew a picture of what it did look like to give you an idea.

Cake 1The Cardboard Cake!

For the candles we rolled up small tubes of red cardboard and topped with orange tissue paper (originally white but we coloured it in with orange crayons). The huge red bows we painted on with some red paint we found after attempting to colour them in with permanent marker (don’t even try it. It almost ended in tears!) We then stuck the Ferrero Rochers on to spell out our friend’s name and her age and then completely covered the rest of the cardboard with the cheap lollies. That was lots of fun and (being honest) we had to go to the store to buy more because we ate far to many of them ourselves.

W hen the big day arrived ( with the help of the birthday girl’s mum) we set up the enormous lolly covered cardboard birthday cake out in the backyard and draped a big dark sheet over it to conceal it.When she pulled back the sheet, my male mate jumped from the cake wearing Borat’s mankini! We almost all died of laughter and the poor birthday girl was almost beside herself. My friend in the cake preened about, flexing his muscles before a couple of other guys wrapped him quite forcefully in the sheet to protect our innocent minds.

It sorta goes without saying that this was one gift my friend would never forget!

cake 2My mate demanded that I draw him clothed despite the fact that the picture looks nothing like him.


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Not Quite Cakes

Not all cakes need to be made from fillings, frosting and sponge cake! In fact a fantastic idea for your 21st Birthday cake is to create a cake out of muffins, profiteroles, cupcakes or even lollies! I’ve seen all four at birthday parties and they’re great because you don’t have to divide the cake using highly advanced calculus but just hand out to everyone their own very individual piece.

Cupcakes and muffins are really easy to make and you can decorate them with icing, lollies and even spell out your name in icing, one letter per cupcake! You can make a mountain of profiteroles and pour hot chocolate over the top to have a hot cake! Lollies are great as a cake as they can easily be stuffed in your pocket and eat later whereas cake often goes funny after being wrapped in a serviette for hours.

Lolly cakeThis cake is made of florist foam and wrapped candy but you can use any base to stick the lollies to. Be imaginative! Make it huge and have someone jump of of it! The sky’s the limit!

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More cakes!

You must check out easy-cake-ideas.com for the most beautiful and delicious cakes! They are truly a work of art and the recipes are included! I recommend that you practice baking and decorating the cake a couple days before the big day or make two to insure that at least one of your masterful creations turns out as planned.

Here are a few images from easy-cake-ideas.com to wet your appetite and your imagination.
Pink Poodle CakeA very bright and awesomely pink poodle cake! Yum!

Prince Frog CakeKiss this handsome green frog and you might get a true prince/princess for you birthday!

Butterfly CakeHere’s a charming butterfly cake for the ladies!

Sunflower CakeYou can almost smell the sunflowers on this edible delight!

Cop Cup CakeDecorate with your own personal motto and shield on this scrumptious donut cake!

Roll up your sleeves and make a cake that you’ll not only be proud of (and impress everyone with your creative cooking skills) but will remember forever. Only problem is the cutting of the cake. They’re almost to beautiful to eat!

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21st Birthday Ideas for Cakes

I couldn’t help but laugh when I found this 21st Birthday cake. It would be perfect for any bloke’s (and even girl’s) party and would most likely be remembered no matter the amount of alcohol consumed (although I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone attempt to drink this cake as it’s so realistic!)

21st Birthday Cake
A 21st Birthday cake has to be fun and different. A pleasure to look at and makes the mouth water. For the recipe for this beautiful design check out here.

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Toga Party

Who wouldn’t wear a sheet to their 21st birthday party? I know guests who’d rock up in one anyway. Toga party’s are lots of fun and can work out pretty cheap too.

  • Alcohol

It’s your choice if you want to supply alcohol. If you do hire a club with access to a bar (will go into this further) I suggest a tab limit. Nothing worse then waking up the next morning with a massive bill and not even remembering why. You can make them bring their own and just have massive tubs with ice for them to store their drinks or have a set amount in coolers and when you run out you run out. Your choice and it does depend on your budget.

  • Non-alcoholic

Juice and soft drink are pretty cheap in comparison to alcohol and are great backups when the tab runs dry.

  • Food

Potato chips, nuts, pretzels etc are great and other small finger food like cheese and crackers. Don’t be to fancy because more often than not it won’t get eaten. If catering, have finger foods that do the rounds which also means less clean up with no cutlery and paper plates.

  • Where

Renting a hall or a club room for the night is often the best solution. Easy to clean (with the club often including the service in the price) and no worries about rowdy guests breaking your mum’s prized vase. Make sure RSVP is at least two weeks in advance which means invitations must go out at least a month in advance. That way you have numbers and can work out how much alcohol, other drinks and food you must get as well as what venue you’ll hire.

  • Dress code

It’s a toga party so make toga’s mandatory! Don’t let anyone in unless they’re dressed properly. It’s cheaper to actually buy some long pieces of material than wear your nicest bed sheet and you can get any colour or design that you want. You’ll need about 3 or 4 metres of material and should wrap it once around your waist and pin it secure before you throw the excess over one shoulder and then wrap back round your waist and pinning again. It’s your choice whether you wear clothing underneath or not and women can add extra pieces of material around the waist and chest to insure modesty (or emphasis what you got!). It is common knowledge that guys really couldn’t care less what they looked like and the funnier they look the more attention they’ll get so it’s a win win situation for them. Add accessories like jewelery and fakes swords. Try and wear sandals. Be creative! Have cheap crappy prizes for the best dressed/worst dressed/weirdest dressed/to much skin/sexiest etc.

Now that you’ve got the gist of it, go wild. This doesn’t just have to be for 21st birthday’s either so if it’s a hit, do it again. The idea is to have fun and laugh later at how weird you all look wearing sheets in the photos. Good luck!

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21st Birthday Ideas

I turn 21 on the 27th of September this year and I’m bursting full with 21st Birthday ideas. Checking out the net though, i noticed that a lot of people have no idea what to do so I thought I’ll write down all my ideas cos I obviously won’t use them all. A 21st birthday party needs to rock and you want to remember the big day as being awesome (or in case you’ve consumed to much alcohol have fantastic pictures of you having a great time!)

Your party depends on a number of things. How many people would attend? What is your budget? With my 21st I want to have a fairly small gathering of friends, people I’d been to school with, my family, friends from Uni and from my work. Budget wise you need to take in the number of people into account and how much you’re actually willing to spend. Once you’ve figured out these figures you can move onto the fun stuff.

Depending on your personality and what you like and dislike, start to make a list of what you find fun. Is it drinking? Dancing? Sitting down to a four course meal in some fancy restaurant? Camping in the wilderness? Taking a cruise? Here’s a few examples. I have five older cousins, one who turns 21 a week before me and the others have already had their 21st. My eldest cousin is flamboyant and loud and she transformed her back yard into a beach. She had an inflatable pool, sand, massive palms in pots and a full catering service for food and drinks. Everyone had to come in their swimmers. My next eldest cousin is sophisticated and loves to dance so she hired out a room in a local restaurant with access to a bar and to an outside garden where she had a massive jumping castle just for party guests. Everyone had to dress in green, her favourite colour, and she herself with her elder sister performed their latest music CD for us. My third cousin is a little more quite and instead of holding her 21st at night, she had a garden party where everyone had to dress up with French style masks. She hired out a local vineyard which had beautiful gardens and a catering service and listened to old classics on a record player. My last cousin who’s 21st I went to hired out a hall, a DJ and a bucking bull! The theme was Western and we all had to dress up like cowboys and Indians.

So there are 4 completely different ideas that all turned out fantastically! I’ll write down all my other ideas for a 21st birthday party in a later post so keep tuned!

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