How to Host a Murder

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“It is with ghoulish pleasure that I announce my engagement to Lizzie Bordeaux, the mistress of the Motel California. I will be throwing a weekend bash for Halloween at my castle, which will culminate in an engagement party the likes of which has never been seen in Transylvania. No doubt most of you already know each other, as we travel in the same circles and haunt the same crypts. I promise food, fun and terror for all. I’ve even put in a special order for a dark and stormy night. So, cancel whatever other plans you might have because I will not take “no” for an answer. I guarantee it will be a night to die for!”

how to host a murder

My sister had this party for one of her birthdays and it rocked! How to Host a Murder is a game made specifically for parties and includes it’s own invitations and rules that will make any party well remembered. The game that we used was “An Affair to Dismember” but there are heaps to chose from. Everyone dressed up as a character, either a witch, a mummy, a mad scientist, Frankenstein’s monster etc and they had to play a part. Someone is murdered and you have to play the game to figure out who did it!


This party is so much fun but I recommend older audiences as it will take a couple of hours to play. I was the hostess so whilst they played I offered around drinks and food. The food mainly consisted of finger food such as mini pies, nachos and fruit. There was no alcohol as not everyone was old enough but I made spiders and mixed soft drinks for everyone and overall it was a huge hit!


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