Backwards Party!

February 22, 2008 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

Ti desseug uoy! (You guessed it!) Everything is done backwards and I mean everything! Invitations must be written backwards, you must say goodbye when you arrive and hello when you go and you have to walk backwards everywhere but make sure you still look where you’re going! This is one party that will insure lots of fun and plenty of confusion (especially when people begin to drink!)

  • Alcohol

Your choice whether you supply alcohol or declare it a BYO. You can do a mixture of both and if you have a bar, make sure you have a fixed tab which means once you hit a select amount, alcohol won’t be served anymore. (Means you won’t be to broke the next morning.)

  • Non-alcoholic

Insure there is plenty of soft drink and juices for those who are designated drivers and non-drinkers. This is a good back up for when the tab runs dry and are pretty cheap in comparison to alcohol. Have huge tubs of ice or use the bath tub to store drinks and keep them cold.

  • Food

Have everything served backwards. Have the cake first, then the main meal (a BBQ is usually the easiest and cheapest) and then bring out the chips and cheeses. This party works really well if it’s a sit down gathering having desert first, then the mains and then the entrée.

  • Where

Either at home or at a hired venue. Both work. You can hire a DJ for music or set your brother up on the computer- depends on your budget. Have a projector showing pictures of you from your 21st all the way back until you were a baby and have it on a loop for the whole night (this is when all the embarrassing pictures come to light!)

  • Dress Code

You have two choices. First option is to dress backwards with everything on back to front. Hats, jewelery, ties, belts, everything has to be on the wrong way (except for your shoes cos that could get painful.) The second option is to dress as the opposite sex. If you’re a gal, dress as a guy etc. This mainly works best with guys dressing as girls in dresses and skirts (and many guys would embrace their inner drag queen quite enthusiastically) but girls can wear suits too. Give out prizes for the most imaginative/sexy/strangest dressed. Play charades backwards in teams and become even more confused!

And don’t forget! As the night draws to a close, say hello as your guests leave!


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