Rubik’s Cube Party

February 20, 2008 at 10:23 pm Leave a comment

One of my friend’s threw a Rubik’s Cube New Year’s Eve party but it could suit a 21st just as well. What is a Rubik’s Cube party? It’s a party where you have to dress up in different colours of the Rubik’s cube (red, white, yellow, green, blue, orange) and by midnight you have to have swapped with other people until you’re dressed all in one colour. I decided my colour was going to be red.

me redMe dressed as red.

It was quite amusing seeing guys squeezing into girls’ shirts/skirts and everyone was swapping shoes to get the right colour. It sorta goes without saying that you don’t wear your favourite shirt unless you don’t mind loosing it.

  • Alcohol

The host had two big basins full of ice with cheap beer and other alcoholic beverages and people brought their own. I don’t think there was an alcohol shortage.

  • Non-alcoholic

She also had another basin full of soft drinks and big bottles of juice for those driving.

  • Food

They had a BBQ with lots of sausages, big bread rolls and a few big salads. Beside that there were lots of crackers, chips, cheeses and other nibbles.

  • Where

She held it in her backyard with a big marquee over the food, a smoke machine, a professional DJ (a friend who did it for free) and a projector that screened the big fireworks in Sydney. Instead of fireworks, what is perfect for any 21st is home movies of the birthday guy or gal’s childhood and photos that just play on a loop for the whole night.

  • Dress code

Colours from the Rubik’s cube that you can swap with others to become one colour. If you do want your clothes back, write your name on the tag because it’s more than likely your clothes will be passed from random person to random person until it’s all quite confusing. Give out prizes for best dressed/ wackiest dressed/sexiest dressed etc, awarding cheap $2 prizes.

This party was lots of fun, cheap and easy it’s one of the best New Year’s Eve parties I’ve been too and would be awesome as a 21st Birthday Party.


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The Ritz Backwards Party!

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