The Ritz

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Puttin' on the Ritz
This was the era of the 1930’s and 40’s just before the second world war and sexiness became personified through the way people dressed and the music. Decorate your party with art deco lights, sculptures, posters with bright dramatic colours but keep it minimal. Find old war posters (not to dark but inspiring) to bring the time to life. Hire a singer (or get a friend who can sing) to croon sultry ballads with the backing of trumpets and saxophones (or have a DJ play music from this era). Have someone dressed in a tux to greet people at the door. Send out invitations at least a month in advance with the date 1939 and make it clear that they’re to dress up. More on how later.

Art deco

“The Musician”

  • Alcohol

If hiring a hall or a club, or setting up your own bar at home, have the bar tenders/ caterers wear black tuxes. Drink from fancy dainty glasses and have everything really classy. If you chose BYO, then have all the alcohol placed by the bar and served in glasses. (You don’t want beer bottles ruining the mood.) Types of popular alcoholic drinks served in the 1930’s were tomato juice cocktails, Dubonnet and sherry, ice cubes, charged water, ginger ale, burbon, rye, and Scotch whiskey

  • Non-alcoholic

Juices and soft drinks are cheaper than alcohol so use it to mix drinks or have on their own.

  • Food

The food you want to be serving should be dainty, light, frothy, sweet, creamy, and decorated. Ice cream or punch, small cakes or sandwiches, coffee, butter balls, mapel meringue cookies. Planner of hot appetizers: sardine snacks, rolled toast with mushrooms, rolled toast with asparagus, cheese puffs, deviled olives, chicken livers in bacon blankets, crabmeat or lobster, small canapes, sausage snacks or cocktail sausate in snack holder. Platter of cold appetizers: rainbow rye bread appetizer, canapes of smoked salmon, stuffed celery stalk with crabmeat, caviar sandwiches piped with cream cheese, rolled sandwiches, filled with mock pate de foie gras or any spread, dried beef snacks. More meal plans for the 1930’s can be found here.

  • Where

You can have this type of party anywhere depending on your budget. You can have it at home, in the garden or hire a hall or club room. You’ll just need plenty of space to move around, dance and have a small stage to house the singer or the DJ.

  • Dress code

Men in matching suit sets, vests and ties with long trench coats or black tuxedos with top hats and canes.


Ladies in long evening gowns of silk like materials and hair pulled up. See the pictures included.

womenhair do


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