50’s Theme Party

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be living in the 50’s? The era of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean? Are you a fan of the musical Grease? A 50’s theme party is lots of fun with everyone getting dressed up and making it feel like you’ve stepped back through time. It’s also pretty easy and cheaps as party’s go.

  • Alcohol

Have different flavours of punches in massive punch bowls and insure that one remains alcohol free for those not drinking or if there are kids about. (If there are kids, make sure someone mature supervises the table.) Depending on your budget, it’s up to you whether you provide all the alcohol. or whether it’s a BYO affair.

  • Non-alcoholic

Juice and soft drink are pretty cheap in comparison to alcohol and are great backups. To add a more 50’s feel, make different smoothies and spiders at the “Milk Bar” with plenty of crazy straws. Have your own milkshake making contest with cheap prizes to give away.

  • Food

Potato chips, nuts, pretzels etc are great and other small finger food like cheese and crackers. Don’t be to fancy because more often than not it won’t get eaten. If catering, have finger foods that do the rounds which also means less clean up with no cutlery and paper plates.

  • Where

If you have a big backyard then have it outside (depending on the weather of course!). Put up a big marquee and set up the food and milk bar in there. Having it in the backyard also means it’s easier to clean up after everyone has left and it’s lots cheaper then hiring a hall! If you do rent a hall or a room the benefits are you don’t even have to think about cleaning up! Whether you’re at home or renting a place to party, hire a big juke box that plays 50’s music to dance the night away! Have a song name guessing competition and give out more prizes for the winners! Dig up some old posters of 50’s movies and movie stars and have them blown up to decorate the walls with! Make sure RSVP is at least two weeks in advance which means invitations must go out at least a month in advance. That way you have numbers and can work out how much alcohol, other drinks and food you must get as well as what venue you’ll hire if you chose to do so.

  • Dress code

Wear poodle skirts, bobby-sox and sandal shoes or leather and have your hair slicked back. Check out old movies for inspiration! Have a jitterbug and other dancing competitions and then give awards away for the best dressed, worst dressed, most sexy, most gel in hair etc!

Well that’s the basics. Be creative and add your own flair to the party. In the end it’s all about having fun!


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