21st Birthday Ideas for the most creative Birthday Gift!

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I wrote a post earlier about making a cake completely out of lollies that can be both the main Birthday cake or given as a gift. Well for a 21st Birthday last year, I decided to make something instead of buy something for my friend’s 21st. Now I believe I’m relatively creative and I strive to make my gifts ones that would be remembered for a life time so for this party, myself and a male friend (and being male is important as you later see) raided a dozen hardware stores and managed to get ourselves half a dozen free big boxes before going to the $2 Store and buying packets and packets of cheap wrapped lollies. Then we bought a few large boxes of Ferrero Rochers and dug up a big bottle of glue from my mate’s garage. All up this cost us about $20 each. Not to bad for a 21st Birthday present.

We set out a space in my mum’s art studio and began with the cardboard. We made three cylinders, progressively getting bigger in size. The largest just over a metre in diameter and the smallest about 1/2 a metre wide. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, making square boxes round but we reinforced the curved surfaces with a mixture of duct tape and ice cream sticks (unused). The trick is to flatten the cardboard out first and then roll it into a tight tube before laying it flat again. It should naturally want to curve.

We then stacked the three cylinders on top of each other and then cut out the centres of the cylinders so their was a large gap in the cake’s middle to allow one certain individual to fit inside.(More on that later!). Unfortunately all photos I have of this magnificent master piece were on my phone which accidentally went swimming with me so I drew a picture of what it did look like to give you an idea.

Cake 1The Cardboard Cake!

For the candles we rolled up small tubes of red cardboard and topped with orange tissue paper (originally white but we coloured it in with orange crayons). The huge red bows we painted on with some red paint we found after attempting to colour them in with permanent marker (don’t even try it. It almost ended in tears!) We then stuck the Ferrero Rochers on to spell out our friend’s name and her age and then completely covered the rest of the cardboard with the cheap lollies. That was lots of fun and (being honest) we had to go to the store to buy more because we ate far to many of them ourselves.

W hen the big day arrived ( with the help of the birthday girl’s mum) we set up the enormous lolly covered cardboard birthday cake out in the backyard and draped a big dark sheet over it to conceal it.When she pulled back the sheet, my male mate jumped from the cake wearing Borat’s mankini! We almost all died of laughter and the poor birthday girl was almost beside herself. My friend in the cake preened about, flexing his muscles before a couple of other guys wrapped him quite forcefully in the sheet to protect our innocent minds.

It sorta goes without saying that this was one gift my friend would never forget!

cake 2My mate demanded that I draw him clothed despite the fact that the picture looks nothing like him.


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