Not Quite Cakes

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Not all cakes need to be made from fillings, frosting and sponge cake! In fact a fantastic idea for your 21st Birthday cake is to create a cake out of muffins, profiteroles, cupcakes or even lollies! I’ve seen all four at birthday parties and they’re great because you don’t have to divide the cake using highly advanced calculus but just hand out to everyone their own very individual piece.

Cupcakes and muffins are really easy to make and you can decorate them with icing, lollies and even spell out your name in icing, one letter per cupcake! You can make a mountain of profiteroles and pour hot chocolate over the top to have a hot cake! Lollies are great as a cake as they can easily be stuffed in your pocket and eat later whereas cake often goes funny after being wrapped in a serviette for hours.

Lolly cakeThis cake is made of florist foam and wrapped candy but you can use any base to stick the lollies to. Be imaginative! Make it huge and have someone jump of of it! The sky’s the limit!


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