Toga Party

February 13, 2008 at 5:36 am 2 comments

Who wouldn’t wear a sheet to their 21st birthday party? I know guests who’d rock up in one anyway. Toga party’s are lots of fun and can work out pretty cheap too.

  • Alcohol

It’s your choice if you want to supply alcohol. If you do hire a club with access to a bar (will go into this further) I suggest a tab limit. Nothing worse then waking up the next morning with a massive bill and not even remembering why. You can make them bring their own and just have massive tubs with ice for them to store their drinks or have a set amount in coolers and when you run out you run out. Your choice and it does depend on your budget.

  • Non-alcoholic

Juice and soft drink are pretty cheap in comparison to alcohol and are great backups when the tab runs dry.

  • Food

Potato chips, nuts, pretzels etc are great and other small finger food like cheese and crackers. Don’t be to fancy because more often than not it won’t get eaten. If catering, have finger foods that do the rounds which also means less clean up with no cutlery and paper plates.

  • Where

Renting a hall or a club room for the night is often the best solution. Easy to clean (with the club often including the service in the price) and no worries about rowdy guests breaking your mum’s prized vase. Make sure RSVP is at least two weeks in advance which means invitations must go out at least a month in advance. That way you have numbers and can work out how much alcohol, other drinks and food you must get as well as what venue you’ll hire.

  • Dress code

It’s a toga party so make toga’s mandatory! Don’t let anyone in unless they’re dressed properly. It’s cheaper to actually buy some long pieces of material than wear your nicest bed sheet and you can get any colour or design that you want. You’ll need about 3 or 4 metres of material and should wrap it once around your waist and pin it secure before you throw the excess over one shoulder and then wrap back round your waist and pinning again. It’s your choice whether you wear clothing underneath or not and women can add extra pieces of material around the waist and chest to insure modesty (or emphasis what you got!). It is common knowledge that guys really couldn’t care less what they looked like and the funnier they look the more attention they’ll get so it’s a win win situation for them. Add accessories like jewelery and fakes swords. Try and wear sandals. Be creative! Have cheap crappy prizes for the best dressed/worst dressed/weirdest dressed/to much skin/sexiest etc.

Now that you’ve got the gist of it, go wild. This doesn’t just have to be for 21st birthday’s either so if it’s a hit, do it again. The idea is to have fun and laugh later at how weird you all look wearing sheets in the photos. Good luck!


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